Fragment z wywiadu o mindfulness w mediach dla internetowego magazynu branżowego The Fix.

ZZ: Mindfulness allows us to look at reality from a kind of a balcony, where you can see the full picture, including your own contributions. This perspective allows for a fundamental shift in leadership approach because it allows you to see and realise how you impact the system and to spot patterns and sudden changes early on, before they become permanent or damaging.

On an individual level, mindfulness also helps people better cope with stress, so that they don’t lose their memory, ability to articulate, problem solve, analyse and learn. Stress has a way of streamlining attention into a narrow tunnel of possibilities that is not conducive to creativity, innovation, or curious exploration. If we don’t actively work to ensure that journalists retain access to these core competencies, we run the risk of lowering quality and causing an epidemic of burn out across the field.

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Bringing mindfulness to media